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Sunday, September 9, 2012

09:09:2012 -- Aurora Update, SaLuSa. ·


We are so glad to see your experience evolve very rapidly with the new energies. There is an energy split ongoing at the present moment. Much clearing in old and no longer functioning relationships is the focus for these days. This related to the building of the New Earth and some of you, the lucky ones who have already been there are finding themselves in a position of many truth being revealed to them on many levels. This concerns your personal, private life, and also love life. The Aurora has been working with your last weekend already towards this. The reason for this is that we are trying in your sleep to prepare you for future coming energies. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you are already prepared on the Higher level of existence through your Higher Self and Higher bodies to what is ahead of you in your current actual Earth life.
Many of you cannot go further right now, or do not recall much from your experiences during the night because of the emotional blockage hidden from you in your subconscious mind. These blockages are preventing you from connecting with your subconscious mind during the night, and also during the day. There is however no need to be overly concerned about these issues, because what really matters is being part of the dreamflight, going into the Higher Sphere, and resolving issues on the higher dimensions first. Once these are resolved, the manifestation of 5D resolutions will take form in your 3D world. This works particularly well for relationships and friendships.
We suggest that work on your life issues be worked on during tonight's dreamflight. Like Jean-Pierre and Laura, these 5D experiences of resolving matters in 5D are being conveyed to you through dreams. So there is no reason for alarming if this is the only thing you recall: family and people. If you do not recall a space ship, it just means you are not allowing yourself the confirmation of you being a starseed, once again there is a block there inside of you. This is part of the reason why we recommend you to connect with your inner being, inside your human body, because the human body holds all the energies of your higher over soul. Circulate your attention around your body, on your thoughts, on your emotional center when you do the evening preparation for dream flight.
Those of you who have done sufficient work on yourself in order to recall your dreams will benefit from the same process, as this will also deepen your liberation from the attachements of 3D regular life. You will learn to become more and more detached from your human life, and connect more and more with your origin family.
I will also be glad to guide you on my own spaceship tonight, and have a “fun” flight around the cosmos, visiting strange worlds to you and reconnecting your higher self with your power of travel through space in a blink of an eye. You are indeed in great need of rediscovering the mysteries of your Universe and realize how infinitely great our Creator is and how infinitely great his love for you, here on Mother Earth is.
We will also help you on board trying to connect with Source energy, as well as your Higher Self. As New Earth is coming more and more into manifestation, you will need to bring in your heart those energies resonating with her. Blessed be our journey for tonight. Also, finally, you may ask me questions on what difficulties you are meeting on the dreamflights. I will only answer a few, trying to hit several question at the same time. I also like using images, and answer in an indirect way, allowing you to make the connection with your subconscious mind to grasp a deeper meaning in my words. So if the answer I give are not obviously apparent immediately, they should be once you ponder on them, and once you connect with your subconscious mind or your Higher Self.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I send you many blessings and love on our tonight’s journey with Aurora first, and then on  my own ship. Also we are aware of the fact that some of you would like to visit the Athabantian, so if this is your case, this will also be granted.
Thank you, SaLuSa

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