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Sunday, September 16, 2012

15:09:2012 Aurora on 15 Sept Mission

Aurora on 15 Sept Mission – Children in the Middle East and Secret Mission

Greatings beloved crew members. I am Aurora, Galactic inter-dimensional Mother Ship. I am your closer link with what is in the higher dimensions and I hold many of your Star bodies inside the vessel that I am. I have been like a mother to many of you in between lives you experienced on Earth. Some of you are onboard for decades, while others are onboard for much longer, from Atlantean times.

I know your heart longs to see the stars where your eyes have first opened; you long the love and care of your true parents. You miss the lightness and joy of the higher dimensions, you miss the burning flame of your eternal love, your twin flame.
We are all together, onboard, in order to lighten the share of difficulties throughout your incarnations. We are here to help you in your amazing journey of love and self-discovery. We are here to remind you of the light upon your own home world. During your night, you always come onboard together, and regroup onboard like the true family that you are. And some of you have come together as family, and incarnated together in your lives.
It is with a certain concern that many onboard have been observing the developments in the Middle East. So on tonight’s dreamflight, we will go in orbit above that entire area. Some of you know and have as galactic families some of the humans living in past and present war zones:  in Libya, Afghanistan, in Iran, Iraq, Palestine,  in Turkey, in Jordan, and of course in Israel. Some of those people know of their galactic heritage, while others don’t.
Tonight’s mission will have a double role: one public and one secret, on which you will be briefed once you come onboard during your dreamflight, and once you join your team. While we do not and cannot discuss now the secret part of the mission, we hope it will make the news or some nice youtube videos during the week or coming week even.
Concerning the public part, we will ask those of you who have relatives, family, past lives connections in those countries to visit them and link with their consciousness during their sleep or during their waking state. Pass your love and understanding on to them, give them as much love, courage and support as you can.
We will also ask some of you to go work with the children of those countries, we feel they are caught up in something with no fault of their own, yet many suffer for many reasons and their heart need love and comfort. Spend time with one child, hold him in your astral body, give that child all the love you can please. Give them your most wondrous, enchanting dreams, tell them all about the New Earth, their home. Give them all the unconditional love that you can.
Finally a third team will do under water surveys in the conflict area, under full cloak, it would be a sensitive mission, designed for those who have a taste for danger, and secret underwater work. We will be watching and monitoring your underwater progress, so there are little chances of being found in truth. Although the navy has some knowledge of our existence in Earth’s oceans, they have very few ways of detecting us, and even less ways of harming us. No need for hear, just enjoy the excitement of discovering what is going on under the inaccessible water of the deep blue seas on both sides of the escalating warring effort.
We wish that you could set your heart on which of these 4 missions you would like to join during tonight\s dreamflight, as you will be asked upon arrival onboard and ask to join your respective teams. Time is of the essence, even though we are allowed bending some rules, we must still work with efficiency and diligence on this very important mission.
For those of you who will not join our team at all for this mission, for whatever reason, we will simply ask you to send loving thoughts and healing energies in the affected zones and populations. Of course, please also focus on the huge havoc created by the cabal this week, in order to stir more conflict of religion between worlds on opposite polarities, but still part of the same Source. Please send your wishes and help spread information concerning this entire operation being used to further the rift between muslims and the western world. Help bring light, love and correct information on this matter, but do it from a compassionate place, try removing ego from the equation and send loving healing thoughts.
I am Aurora, intergalactic light vessel of the light, inside of which your bodies reside, beloved ground crew. Be peace, be love, be one. I am with you in all and always.

Channeler: Laura

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