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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Message relay from Sananda and SaLuSa to Laura and her Higher Self- The Ocean Within -18 September

Hello everybody.
I had a quick contact with my Higher Self, and guides today, which include Sananda and SaLuSa.
First off I am told that the earth instability still persists, as is frequent in times of great turmoil. Human hearts are in doubt, fear and also in “hate” mode. This has of course been orchestrated by the continuous effort by the cabal. Their propaganda machine is a very powerful tool. The power of disinformation and misinformation is going in full swing as we speak. Many are those who have a great lack of grounding, a great lack of love, who find themselves with aching nerves and emotions. Much instability has been created of late. It will take work on a higher level in order to stabilize emotions and bring a better genuine communication between religious factions.
We are invited to bring peace into our lives, and help spread love and compassion towards others. It is pure joy to be able to bath in the Sunshine. The effect of the Sun particle can penetrate deep down into our bodies, right into our souls. Sit still in the sunshine, breath in peace and happiness. Follow the God Sun’s particles travel inside our body, breath them in, feel them nourish you, heal you, nurture your every needs. The Sun radiates pure love and compassion; it is a divine manifestation to bring love and joy into all living beings and creature. Many are insensitive to the Sun’s powers. The particles penetrate through your porous skin, and spiral down through your body, right into Mother Earth. The human bodies, along with all life on Earth allows for this direct process to take place. Through organic life, Sun God particles are being used, transformed and in turn passed down processed onto Mother Earth.
Human bodies retain what is necessary for the beings’ needs and growth. What remains passes on to Mother Earth gives her a better understanding of the organic life’s feelings and thoughts. Absorb as much sun light as you can, let the Sun energies transform you, appease you and love you. Follow that particle’s journey right into your body, sense them travel inside of you, and give you the energy and love that you depend on. The more relaxed and at peace you are, the more effect this welcoming of the light will have on you.
Focus your energies on your inner life at the moment. There is a vast ocean of life inside of you all, yet to be discovered by many of you. Sense your life force inside of your own body, sense its blockages, its joy and sometimes its pain. There is much expectation, much disappointment also. The reality too often does not match what your imagination expects and what your ego wanted. All these expectations have very little base on the reality, they are based on somebody else’s dreams, expectations, or misunderstandings. Follow your own dreams; don’t try to fulfil somebody else’s dreams or nightmares. Make your own path and follow the tracks you wish to follow. Have the courage of disappointing others’ expectation, have the courage of standing up for your dreams, have the courage to live in a world of inner joy and peace. See the good side in every situation and know that God’s patience can never be too far stretched.
Many of us have long tiring days, some physically exhausting, some too monotonous, too busy, too emotional, while others are feeling as if dead inside in unfulfilling jobs. Take the time to listen to your inner voice, listen to the body’s complaints, and listen to the muscular tensions. Very often, just like children this is all that is required from you: giving these some attention from time to time during your day. Remember that you have a body, that you breathe, that you live, that you are part of this world. Remember that you are one with all that is, with all life on our planet as well as with all life from other planets, from other dimensions. Feel their love for you, feel their touch and their compassion at your side.
Thank you.
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