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Thursday, October 4, 2012

04:10:2012 - Message from Adrial


Aurora Hangar/ Shuttle Bay looks very much like the bay in Battle Star Galactica. One can feel the metallic matter as approaching Aurora from space, and the same feeling goes on once inside. There is a very strong connection between all that is onboard and in the higher dimensions.
Laura:Laura: Dreamflight is open to everybody, even if you are not a crew member! So come on along! You are most welcome! _____________
Greetings, this is Arial. We would like to suggest a new exercise in order to help those of you who feel they are not experiencing as strong a connection with Aurora and her crew as they would like.
Let us try to guide you with the help of your imagination. First close your eyes, ask your guides, protectors and spirit for protection for the entire duration of this experiment. Visualise a golden sphere descending upon you and embracing you. If you prefer to surround yourself with pure white light, this is also good. Sit in silence observing your thoughts, feelings, and the inner light within your body. Notice the energy movements, but also the body tensions, your posture, your breathing, your weight, your muscular tensions and soreness. Let go and distance yourself slowly from your physical body, from your daily worries, from your own emotions.
Sense the light that you are, sense the connection with the higher spheres of existence. Sense the Oneness within your heart, within your body and within your mind. Connect with the crew mates that you communicate with on a regular basis from the blog, then extend your mind to include the Aurora presence, and Adrial’s presence.
My own presence is light, tender, loving, compassionate, and pure. Aurora’s presence is pure white light, you know her voice and you will hear her speak if you focus on her. Her voice has been efficiently reproduced in a few movies. You have heard Aurora’s voice before.
Call up to Aurora with your mind, she is always listening to you. Your connection to her is direct and powerful. Don’t forget that most of your real bodies are in suspended animation on Aurora, so it is relatively easy for her to connect with your mind if you so desire. All she has to do is to make her presence known consciously.
Your brain is the seat for many neuro sensors, able to connect with the higher dimensions. In this manner you are able to receive your own messages, downloaded from your Higher Self, thus enabling you a permanent connection to source. There is no need to be overly concerned if the connection is not a conscious one for now. This is the part needing work over a life time period usually.
One advantage of not shining too brightly is that you do not attract attention from 4thdimension beings as strongly as those of greater ability to connect to the light. This makes an easier journey for you. Many among you have these inborn abilities awaken and in full power, but chose to make use of these for their own selves only, which is something that we understand and support also. This inner work period usually goes on for a few years, perhaps 10 or 30 years. This is the time when one learns to connect, verifies and validates one’s own abilities.
Once you have established a solid contact with Mother Aurora, you can begin visualising coming onboard her with your own personal scout ship. Her hangar doors slowly open up in order to allow your craft in, from outside, you begin to see yellow light inside. The automatic dark metal doors open up slowly for you. Your craft is inspected by a purple light beam. You keep the password on your mind (Mocham) while the scanning takes place. The inside of your own craft is dark, just a few dim lights are on at the back of the scoutship and on your dashboard. There is also a dim purple beam radiating from the top of your cabin above your seat. Your seat is soft, and embraces the shape of your body.
There are 3 colour uniforms on board mainly for crews: Black, Grey and Blue Turquoise. These are the main colours of the Ground crew and of those authorised to go on away missions while stationed on orbit around the Earth. The front of the uniform is much brighter, and the colour goes darker as you go towards the sides of your body. This suit is very much like a second skin when you are on away missions, and its texture resembles that of your own 5D skin. Your body is in neutral and relaxed mode, it is always warm.
You wear a device facilitating guidance in space and giving commands to your craft. It is a narrow headband device, not covering your forehead. It functions connecting to your lobes and back of the head, connecting thus to your spinal fluid indirectly.
Our Diving suits are somehow similarly looking to the space suits we wear on Aurora. This is just a slight idea to bring you close to the look of our suits. The white part goes all the way to the ground at the front and at the back. There is also a degrade from center to the sides of our bodies
Your craft is allowed in and the bay doors open fully for you. You take a final look at Mother Earth before deciding to penetrate in the shuttle bay. The intense ocean blue is such a sight for you, the Earth’s atmosphere is such a joy. You can sense all the beings alive on board planet Earth. You say good bye for now, and you allow your craft being taken control by Aurora, who parks it in the shuttle bay gently with her own guidance system. The inside of the bay is also very dim, lights are not really allowed on board for detection concerns. Your senses are so heightened, that there is no need for you to open your eyes at all as a matter of fact. You know Aurora as the back of your hand, you sense all objects around you, you sense Aurora and her crew welcoming your return from your away mission.
You remove your gloves, head band and helmet, you step down the stairs from your craft. There are some dim lights on the runway of the bay. They point at the shuttle bay exit points. The atmosphere inside the bay is now fully breathable for you, and a mini crew comes to check your craft and ready it for your next exit. More light comes on just above your craft, allowing the crew to inspect it from any irregularities.
Your eyes point towards the main hall double door, re-joining the rest of the crew. You can already sense the life passed those double tick doors. You know the name of those walking passed the bay door, and they too acknowledge you back. You hear the double door of the shuttle bay fully lock now, a rather deaf clamping sound, you can sense it as well as hearing the deaf sound for it.
This upcoming mission, we will make use of your wonderful diving suits and rejoin the Earth’s oceans. Those of you who wish to fly their own crafts will be allowed to do so, after preliminary re familiarisation training on board. Provided we are satisfied that your re-familiarisation is completed, you will make an autonomous exit with your own craft. No assistance will be available if you are in hot spots however, unless volunteers come up. Which we are never short of :) .
As the scout ships leave, we follow the lights on the floor towards the exit of Aurora. This goes at high speed and Aurora is doing almost the entire manoeuvring for take off, as well as re entry in her gravity field.
You can fly solo in space, and on the Earth’s oceans and have a joy ride in your own space crafts. Some of you may need to use their own bodies for this exit, so your natural bodies will be revived, and this on its own is an entire mission for those of you who have not used their own bodies for some millennia!
We wish you a wonderful journey, full of adventures and memories. It will be moving for some of you. So, be prepared to have a lonely or peaceful Sunday please so that you can deal with the feelings evoked during the dreamflight.
We love you all very much and can hardly wait till the excitement begins this Satruday. Adrial and Aurora out.
Channeled through Laura

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