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Thursday, October 4, 2012



When I first came to Earth, from the Higher Dimensions, I was wearing veils, and long dresses. My movements were elegant, slow and I was a telepath
Laura: I am posting this in Auroradreamflight because these memories I describe here came to me during dreams. I was helped by SaLuSa remember all of these events. I am sure Aurora was doing much helping also :)______________Our light only has for equal our beauty.
In the higher dimensions, we are perfect. I mean REALLY perfectly beautiful.
We are masters of telepathy, of love, of joy, and of eternal wonder.
When I came here from the Pleiadies or Sirius, I was tall, blonde; I was wearing dresses with long veils. I was a telepath; my movements were slow, elegant and gentle. I am including photos of what I was wearing when I came here, and what I looked like more or less.
My then husband came from a different planet to mine. He was an amazing person inside and outside.
The Higher dimensions are full of unconditional love, or fairy tales, but can also have tensions.
When we came here, a war had erupted between a coalition of worlds and planets and more aggressive new races such as the reptilians and the Annunaki.  Wars and shooting was not expected to happen upon our arrival on planet Earth, so many of our ships were ordered to leave this sector. This was because they did not want a general war to explode over this quarrel here.
So we were left behind, along with a few others.
My face was pretty much similar to this wonderful lady! Except I was even prettier!! lol :) :) :) (Am I being vain now? :).)
My face was pretty much similar to this wonderful lady! Except I was even prettier!! lol :) :) :) (Am I being vain now? :) .)
I know the time of coming and re-joining our star family is coming, I know it now, I knew it as I was watching their ships leaving this solar system. I had no fear ever of being here, with enemies.
We have all grown to understanding one another, all the various races stuck here. Some are still hanging to their gains, but there will be no escape for those as the entire solar system ascends, possibly the entire galaxy.
Those of them who chose to remain here, will have to ascend I guess. I believe that some will chose to leave this galaxy before this happens however, and we will be allowed to learn and work together as a community of races, who have grown up together.
We will rejoin the source light, and we will have peace.
Love and light.

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