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Thursday, October 11, 2012

10:10:2012 -- Reply to Reptilians Question from Laura, Please Give your Input :)

Reply to Reptilians Question from Laura, Please Give your Input :)

Hi folks one of my friends asked me today of my opion on the reptilians… please let us if my reply resonates with you. Here is what I have replied to my dear friend:

I assure you there is no need to fear! Not even the Reptilians. The are full of fear themselves and guilt.. they are poor souls really.. most of the reptilian civilisations have totally evolved from the ones we have here.. i was told by one of their ascended souls, who works with the GFL. and she is here to study them herself, as her spceies works with the Sirians and comes from one of the planets in the Sirius solar system. Her species has no idea about the linage of the ones we have here, and how did they get so bad? she wishes her family and species to do much reparations for humans here on Earth and to … well.. redeem the actions of their Earth sad counterparts..

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