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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Inside the Human Heart Lies Much Love and Compassion – 27 Oct 2012- Message from Higher Consciousness and SaLuSa, channelled by Multidimensional Ocean

Dear friends, if you could only see your courage and your love for one another from above. Much of you are unsuspecting of the immense sea of treasures hidden inside the human heart. Many of you are only beginning to awake to the possibilities of the heart.

The heart never stops loving and growing. It never stops believing and hoping in a better world. It does not do so foolishly, but in full knowledge of the human potential as well as the obstacles in the path to love and truth.
A few of you have noticed their chest tightening up when they are going through difficult times. The grip is tightening more and more until you stop, and learn to let go.
True letting go comes from within, but also with understanding. Understanding and being able to see what is in the way.
“How can we see what our eyes cannot see? How can we hear what our ears cannot hear?” many of you ask.
The answer is to go within. Go within your body, find your heart, and find your sacred place. When you are able to do this, you can be one with life itself. You can be one with all that is. Your Higher Senses can hear, see everything that you need to be aware of. Even though you will not experience this as the normal hearing and sight of the physical world, your Higher Self also has the ability to hear and see. It takes years of practice before one can develop these skills at will and consciously. Initially while the actual sight and hearing will be blocked off from your normal awareness, you will experience however and inner knowing.
This inner knowing can be confusing indeed, because it can be mixed up with your own memory, desires and imagination. However learning to distinguish between all these levels will lead you to more awakening, to more discernment and more growth.
You will find many obstacles in your way, many storms but also adventures and rewards. It is a journey well worth taking into the unknown territory of the human consciousness and mind.
In order to do this, one has to see ones’ own attachments, and by doing this, one can slowly let go of them throughout multiple gifts of inner seeing.
We love you very much. Love and peace.
Higher Consciousness of Self and SaLuSa
Channeled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean


Earth Has Crossed a Higher Note on the Octave to Ascension – Aurora Crew Update 27 Oct. 2012 |

Dear Aurora Crew.

We are delighted with your inner peace, calm, inner progress and development.
Perhaps you could consider how these past few months have been for you since you began taking part in the Dreamflights experience and discuss them over the weekend.
It will be a good exercise for you to come more together as a team, for your own clarity and understanding, and for us also.
You may or may not realise how far you have now come.
We love you and care for you very much as fellow crew members and we keep monitoring your daily interactions and lives also.
We see you on our screens if we like to, it is done with your own permission. We do this in for many reasons, the most important ones is of course protection and monitoring of your own safety from other dimensions and any not so well intentioned beings.
Do not allow any doubt in your soul and heart concerning your coming Ascension. You have accepted to lend yourself to the 3D illusion game, form which you will very shortly awake.
For some of you this will be a rather easy journey, while for other it can be more painful and it will be necessary to take things one step at a time.
As you know the bulk of the work concerning Ascension has started and our crew work for the coming week will be guided on this level on dreamflight.
For many reasons, we will not give much detail on that through channelling, as it is a very individual process, on many levels.
Focus on your own light for the coming week, focus on sensing the higher dimensions and the human consciousness.
Be at peace, even if you cannot remember many of your dreamflights. Rest assured that you are doing an amazing work on the higher realms as a team.
As Laura has experienced, you work in various dimensions while in dreamflights. You are experiencing total freedom, joy, but also witness much of what your ordinary self would have no explanation for, as it is not linear in its nature.
The small flashes of memory that you can retain will be a gift for you. It will become increasingly difficult for many of you to recall dreamflights, as you are becoming more and more familiar with your role in the higher dimensions. Therefore, as you take on more and more responsibilities in higher dimensions, you ordinary mind will be less and less able to recall because of safety reasons as well as the experiences not being linear in time and dimensions.
Have a wonderful dreamflgiht tonight, you are all dispatched in various missions and teams. Earth has crossed a higher note on the octave to Ascension. Rejoice yourself and practice inner contact, practice SaLuSa’s meditation, practice being love and being centered.
We love you with all our Heart
Adrial and Aurora
Channeled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Thursday, October 25, 2012

25:10:2012 - SaLuSa

SaLuSa – Global Love Day: Envision Peace on Earth – Message Channelled by Multidimensional Ocean,25 Oct 2012

SaLuSa – Global Love Day: Envision Peace on Earth – Message Channelled by Multidimensional Ocean,25 Oct 2012

Dear ones, we come once again to you with a message of peace and love. We have a special request today. Please ground yourself first, make the connection to your body, to your natural breath, and go into your sacred place that you call heart.
The network of love called heart is linked to the remaining of your body through connections of nerves and nodes. Your entire body is an expression of love and purity of loving vibrations.
Go within, take stock of your inner state and extend your awareness to encompass your surroundings, include also the ground you sit on, feel the connection with Gaia and with her own heart, feel the connection with the above, with your Higher Self, with Source and with the Ascended Masters.
Once you feel you have reached the sacred place within, experience your energy expanding all around you like a bubble of pink and golden love rays intertwining and mingling. Feel its power fill the room you are in, and expand it to the people around you. Allow for this loving energy to expand to your neighbours, to go deep down within Gaia, and to raise high in the atmosphere.
Feel the love expand to your entire country, and to the entire planet all at once. Your vibrations will reach far and many dear friends. Also please bear in mind the wish for reunifications with all who wish peace to be permanently settled on Mother Earth. Include in your thoughts also the animal kingdom, as their vibrations are loving and pure. Include the energies of wind, air, earth, water, fire energies to your wave of love.
See Mother Earth surrounded by your love vibrations, and feel the actual substance you are producing with your heart and mind. The difference is tangible in the Higher Spheres; it is palpable for us, as well as for many of you.
Let’s have today another global love day with many waves of joyful love travelling all around your beautiful planet.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am extremely happy to connect with our Earth brothers and sisters in order that we work as one once again.
Thank you
Channel: Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23:10:2012 - SaLuSa

SaLuSa – What Remains to Be Looked into Before the End of the Year – 23 Oct 2012, Message channelled by Multidimensional Ocean.

Many of you feel nervous as the end of the year approaches. We understand your position and would like for you to imagine and project the best reasonable outcome for you and for your planet for the end of the year. Ascension will be an individual process, and a very subtle one at that. You may not even realize how far you have come and how far you will be by the end of 2012.
Some of you are already ascended and do relay with the Higher Realms on continuous basis. For those, Ascension has already taken place, and there will be very little difference to the way they feel now by the end of 2012.
For others work remains to be done before they will be allowed to join the Higher realms consciously and permanently. There is a need for many for the realization that some of you are actively participation in the process, while others will simply be carried by the ascending wave offered by the Galactic energies and by others on the planet.
The more you feel you can actively participate and play your role for your own personal ascension, the more you will help the human consciousness perform the miracle of Ascension.
In a way, dear ones, by your multidimensional nature, you are all already living partially on the ascended level. Please understand that you are all already part of the higher levels of existence. You are all already part of the divine perfection and that you are all creating your future together as a global consciousness, in collaboration with Mother Earth.
All that remains for most of you is to realize that you are already ascended on your Higher Self level of consciousness. Learning to be in communion with your Higher Self will show you all that still needs to be worked on. Your Higher Self can guide you to your permanent awareness and to expand your consciousness level.
Many of you also need to acknowledge that fact that the same divine spark shines in all life. This includes all life forms on your own planet, but also life forms from other worlds, such as Galactics.
We foresee that those of you who are able to focus on their inner light, will be the ones who will be in a more advantageous position. It is now very important to realize that you are all sovereign beings, with divine will and divine rights. It is important that you all connect on some level with your Higher Guidance and Higher Self.
The Ascended Masters are able to give you an insight into the higher realms and into a more peaceful state, which will help your inner wellbeing and will help you expand your consciousness.
You are also more than welcome to try the spiritual teachings on Mother Earth, many of those come from Galactic civilisations also. Some are very valuable as they have not been  altered from their original form. Feel free to explore what your needs are and to work in spiritual groups which correspond to your own level and expectations.
Let it be light between us, brothers and sisters from Earth. Let it be love between all living beings on this Galaxy. Let it be peace between all our various races and species.  We love you infinitely.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and know that you are all doing the best that you can in order to find your own inner light and peace, because this is what is needed now. Your inner light and peace will be reflected in those around you and will be beamed onto Mother Earth, helping her in stepping through the final portals before the end of the year.
Thank you
Channel: Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Thursday, October 18, 2012

18:10:2012 -- Letters from Bashir and Aurora Update 18 Oct. 2012,

Letters from Bashir and Aurora Update 18 Oct. 2012, Message channelled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Greetings! As promised I return with a new update on the evacuation situation in my own Home world and Galaxy. As you know the Aurora is a Galaxy Class Starship, which means that she can travel across Galaxies, but also through dimensions, including the time dimension.

After my last letter, we have perceived that many of you had expressed a certain level, of curiosity and compassion towards the situation actualized and developing on my home world. Of this I am extremely grateful and I thank you for your prayers and wishes. These were well received and your loved felt all the way to Lyra, my home Galaxy.
My friends and all those who have received your wishes, love and prayers have expressed an interest in your own situation. As a result, many of them would like to invite you to stay with us for the duration of our dreamflight this coming Saturday 20th Oct. So, all those who wish to visit Lyra are more than welcome to meet some of my friends. We would be honoured to have you as guests among us, so that we can learn a lot about you, and that you can learn a lot about us.
Those of you who prefer to remain around the Earth are more than welcome to remain on Earth stationary orbit, and some of my friends from Lyra will come on board Aurora to great you and speak with you.
The 3d option, as usual is for you to do whatever you desire on this mission. A particular need has been registered on our counters however, and we would ask you to participate on all levels towards this common aim. This consists of the need for taking care of your own selves and of the animals of your beautiful planet.
The colds and flue season is upon you, as Laura now discovered. So please do take extra care of your body, and sleep extra hours, in order to facilitate the winter time transition, if, like Laura you live on the Northern Hemisphere. Similar changes will occur for the southern Earth hemisphere, but in reverse of course. Your bodies will still need adjusting to the changing of seasons and day time distribution. Take extra care now, sleep and eat well, take time out during the day, be kind to yourself, and do extra contemplative preparations or meditations, as shown by Laura or else follow your own habitual path, which has served you well until now.
The other task we have for you is to consider, and heal the Earth Animal and Life World. Plants and animals also are part of life, although science does not acknowledge any rights to these so called lower life forms. First we would like to say that such a thing as lower life form does not exist. All living creatures are part of the Divine Source. This includes plants, flowers, trees, vegetables and fruits.
This includes also all animal forms. In fact all plant and animal life forms are very innocent and act mainly on instinct and reflexes in their daily interactions, however they certainly possess very loving feelings and we are in owe in front of these beings courage and patience on your planet. Please focus your life to serving and loving the animal kingdom to your best. Think of them in your daily life, send them love, sign petitions for them, give them food and love, give them a shelter, think of their happiness and wellbeing as much as you can. This is our special mission for you for the coming Saturday: work on the animal kingdom. Listen to them in dreamflight and also in your daily life while you are part of this planet.
Their spark of life and love will help generate and kindle your own spark of light and love. Feel their love for the human heart, feel how much they admire and love you unconditionally. Love them, for they were created for you to love, to learn from, and to care for. Many of them have even agreed to serve you as food, so please bless their flesh when you eat it.
Other forms such as wood, stone, water, earth, also have vibrations of the Life Source. Their vibrations are working at a different frequency to yours; time is of a different scale for them. On the opposite scale, planets, suns, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Galaxy clusters, Red or giant dwarfs, nebulae are also alive beings.
You needn’t worry about those just now. However, we would very much like you to focus on the organic life on Mother Earth, as well as on Mother Earth herself.
Bashir, channelled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

16:10:2012 - Alajia: This is a time for Reunions and Peace

This is a time for Reunions and Peace – Message from Alajia channelled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean.

(Laura: Alajia is my Higher Self)

All is peace and quiet in the heavens. White doves of peace fly above the white, pink and golden clouds. Human souls of all ages, colours, backgrounds come visit us day and night in your bird form. I call bird form your Higher Self in flight mode.

Humans, as multidimensional beings have many unsuspected powers. In your bird form you travel far and high. We talk at will and we laugh with you. Your Higher Self can take whatever form it wishes to take. It is free, knows no rules, no borders, no restrains.

It can take your own form when settled, or it can retain its bird form, or it can also appear as an orb. It can enter your own human body and help the divine will manifest on Earth, it can also help your ordinary life. It enters your human body when you are at peace, when you are joy, or when you are connected within. When you are closed off, stressed, angry or tired, it sits besides you and sends you love. When you cry, it holds you and protects you. It is your best friend when you feel alone, it is your guardian angel, and your eternal lover.
When Higher Self enters your human Self, you can hear the voices of the many, you can see far away places. It hears the voice of the divine, because it is part of the divine. It flies instantly wherever you wish it to fly. Winds, oceans, doubts and fear will never stop it.

If only you could open your Higher Self’s eyes  and remember your interactions with us all. If only you could allow your light to see all aspects of yourself, you would then make sense of it all.

Many of you believe that only that which is pleasant and beautiful has value and dismiss whatever does not make them feel good.

Open your heart and love to all that you are, see your human self in all situations, in all frames of mind, flooded by emotions. Do not attempt to hide the truth from your Higher Self’s eyes, do not close your own eyes on who you are.

Remain in your heart, remain the observer of human condition. Taste all the experiences available to you. Yet you will never be able to taste it all fully as long as you will not allow your Higher Self within.

When your Higher Self enters your human body, you are one with all that is, all makes sense at last. Your brothers and sisters from the stars are allowing you all the time you need to open your eyes fully, to see the bigger picture with your Higher Self’s guidance and love.

Once you have found eternal peace within your heart and truly love all aspects of yourself, your vibrations will rise, Mother Earth will know peace, and your Star Brothers and Sisters will come to embrace you at long last. Such a need humans have for their brethren from the stars, yet other humans fear them. As long as this division exists among you, your brethren will not make their presence known openly. Further division among you is to be avoided now.

Cement your love for all of humanity, think of those in fear, of those who live in the dark, or in poverty and war. Find you High Heart and make peace with all humans now. This is the time for reunions within yourself, within nations, within hearts and within galactics.

Be at peace, Alajia.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meditation for Aurora and for Higher Realm/ Higher Self Connection



 Dreamflight for this Sat will be focused on past relationships with loved ones, including parents, extended family, and of course your past romantic relationships.
Many of you will work on that area for the coming week either in dreamflights, on the subconscious level, or in their daily life.
As it was put forward in the discussion forum yesterday, this can be same gender relationships. Indeed in the higher realms there aren’t any taboos about love, and about which gender the loved person should be
As many of you already know, in the higher realms, we can take which ever appearance pleases us. Many Galactic species are in fact androgynous by birth, and later on those being might decide if they would like to take a gender for some time. Others remain androgynous for the majority of their life.
Physicality, genders all belong to the duality paradigm, while in reality, everything is fluid, flowing, malleable, and changeable. Very few things are permanently settled, changes present themselves sometimes however. Divine order rules with love, compassion, understanding, patience and divine justice.
Reproduction for other species can be similar to yours, it can also be artificial or semi-artificial, it can involve one being alone, two beings or three beings.
Some beings are being born having divine consciousness a birth, depending on their parents’ level of consciousness. It is always possible to conceive for beings of the same gender also, all that is required is a good knowledge of genetics or a powerful knowledge of love and creation once in the higher realms.
There are many souls waiting to be incarnated on Earth. Over the coming months and years, many light filled babies will be born after the 21st Dec. 2012. These newborns will considerably contribute to increasing the light level on your planet, as well as contribute to Mother Earth’s Ascension.
Many potential parents have been waiting for the famous date to come in order to create new life on Earth. The births will become increasingly easy and joyous for the mothers. The fathers will become more and more involved with their children, more understanding, and will want to spend much more time with them.
The relationships and power balance between man and woman will be restored, the power struggles will slowly dissipate, as your understanding and love will increase. The understanding of love, marriage will also be transformed over time, to make room for relationships based on unconditional love. There will be no secrets, no judgement, no jealousy in time.
Many however will rejoin their twin flame, and will decide to experience fully their new ascended status as one. This is enough to keep you satisfied on all levels, for all times. You will finally taste true love, joy, oneness with another, There will be much to explore as you will begin to discover many aspects of yourself you had not suspected before, such as telepathy, telekinesis, bi-location, remote viewing, astral travel, merger at cellular level, working at atomic and sub atomic level, time travel, space travel, and many other experiences for which duality has no words invented for just yet.
There is much to look forward to for all of humanity. A time of much joy and celebration is upon you.
We send you much love, joy and happiness.
Aurora channeled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10:10:2012 -- Nadir

Nadir on Laura’s Chosen Life Path and to her Question Concerning the Illusion of Having

I recall myself waring similar outfits when coming to Earth :) I was a dancer and an entretainer at court.
Laura: I have asked my twin the following question a few nights ago during Auroradreamflight: why can we not be together in 3D? Yesterday I have also asked our online community the following question:

Ok, my twin (Nadir) explained to me that he knows how much I want to “get” things from my life.. things like: a great job and a super dimensional relationship in 3d… if u know what I mean.. the perfect twin love relationship.. i asked him why is it that no matter what I do, I can never get what I want… the harder I try, the more all I wish for eludes me.. I asked why is that…

What Nadir has conveyed to me during the dreamflight and right as I woke up cannot be put into words, as words really belong to the one dimensional words. However I will try to channel him now.

Dear Laura, for you and your readers I will try to make the answer clear and short to grasp for the ordinary functional head worker, who processes data and information at the front of your brain.

The reason you have been sent here, on Earth at this time is for you to experience what any human life experiences during these end game times for duality. In order to do that, you have been given a human family, you have received their hereditary baggage, the families’ karma, and your access to higher self and to your star family has been severed partially. You have required to have in this life a strong connection to the light and to my human form in 3D, requests which have been granted. You have taken it upon yourself to deal with this knowledge for your entire life and to devote your life to spiritual work. 

You have to now to clear all karma that your Earth family carries, as well as your own karma in this life. In this life you have and continue making many mistakes, which is normal, given the current conditions of your existence.

My dear soul, you need to realize the aim you have set for yourself for this life. You will not be able to receive the rewards of a well done job, until you do not see and recognize your shortcomings. This will facilitate your own ascension.

My dear Laura, you must become one with your Higher Self again. You have accepted to take it upon yourself to awake to your full power in this life. That is the immense power of love, of compassion of any ascended being. You have made your path extremely difficult, because you wish not to spare yourself from experiencing any obstacles. Your desire for understanding and expanding your love is such that you have not spared yourself dear soul.
You and many others have accepted to bring the light into this world by embodying the light of your higher self. Let yourself love and accept the knowledge of who you are, and let your light love and embrace every aspect of you which makes you who you are.

Your human self must become your higher self, and your higher self must love and accept Laura’s short comings. This is not an easy task, not for the heart fainted.

What you desire most will remain out of your reach until you have not become one with Alajia, my dear. Your life is a light carrier, and will be transformed by the light, as well as guided by it.

Many of you are beginning to incarnate the light. You are beginning to become Ascended Masters while walking on Mother Earth, you are becoming one while in your own human bodies, you are becoming love, while your body still resides in separation.

You heart must open up to be able to see all of Laura’s failures on many levels, on many subjects, until what she was thought is dissolved from her mind, to make room for what is real by universal standards.

This is your own chosen path my love.

10:10:2012 -- Reply to Reptilians Question from Laura, Please Give your Input :)

Reply to Reptilians Question from Laura, Please Give your Input :)

Hi folks one of my friends asked me today of my opion on the reptilians… please let us if my reply resonates with you. Here is what I have replied to my dear friend:

I assure you there is no need to fear! Not even the Reptilians. The are full of fear themselves and guilt.. they are poor souls really.. most of the reptilian civilisations have totally evolved from the ones we have here.. i was told by one of their ascended souls, who works with the GFL. and she is here to study them herself, as her spceies works with the Sirians and comes from one of the planets in the Sirius solar system. Her species has no idea about the linage of the ones we have here, and how did they get so bad? she wishes her family and species to do much reparations for humans here on Earth and to … well.. redeem the actions of their Earth sad counterparts..



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