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Thursday, February 21, 2013

20:02:2013 . Fragile Inner Being

Fragile Inner Being by Multidimensional Ocean

Just wanted to share how fragile we become as we grow more knowledgeable, and grow. Compassion for our body seems to be key, along with kindness towards it.

The same goes for our inner being. It needs kindness and love to be.

I often observe in myself the changes within me, depending on “who” is present in the moment. Which aspect of myself is present? My lower, ordinary self or is there a more gentle, open and loving presence within? 

Am I running like a headless chicken, reacting to outside stimuli, being passive innerside or am I riding the wave, with love, understanding, compassion for the outer world and my companions? Just something to ask oneself regularly perhaps :)

Laura Multidimensional Ocean

18:02:2013 -- Ulrika about Mother Earth

Message from Ulrika: Mother Earth – by Multidimensional Ocean 18 Feb 2013

Greetings, I am Ulrika of Agartha.

I have been very touched and impressed by the quality of your responses and of your love. I have shared this with my loved family and friends, down here on our world.
Allow us to clarify a few points:
First, Inner Earth is an absolutely amazing kingdom that awaits you all and embraces you dearly for so many millennia. We are amidst much light here, even if some parts of our Inner Kingdom are off limits.
Our Kingdom is split into many parts, not all equally vibrating on the same level of resonance. Our Great and Loving Mother caters and cares for us all in all fairness and equality.
In a way, we find ourselves in a much better place than those of you dwelling on the surface of our Great Mother. We are much closer to her central being, and her presence among us is very well felt by many of us. We can hear her heart pulsating when we go to sleep at night, we sleep with the rhythm of her breath and the resonance of her heart beat as it were.
We are very well connected to her great love for all human kind. Although she is often not treated with love and care by many of the surface, she understands much more than one could ordinarily believe about her.
Like all the beings of the great cosmos, her patience and love are quasi-infinite. She sees watches and feels much more than one would suspect.
Her being is part of your own being in many ways. Although she too has a 3D physical body, like we do, she also has Higher Being Bodies, just like us too.
She is in constant communion and contact with the other astral bodies of our great solar system, and with the Sun. She draws much love from the other planets and from the Sun himself.
Her general consciousness is part of the collective human mind also. Feel free to feel your connection to our Great Mother. She care and supports us all through thin and thick always.
She tolerates war zones, although her greater wish is that all killings of any kind would come to an abrupt end in the very near future.
She sees with affliction all the situations in which human greed leads your species to commit great atrocities to all life, including its own kind.
She understands that a few cannot change all the wrong doings upon the surface or within her. She loves and sees all of you unconditionally.
Now that the great barrier of 21.12.2012 has come to pass, her spirit is lifted in many ways, her consciousness has expanded with much help from you all, allowing her to flourish into the higher realms.
There is still much opposition and resistance in the collective human consciousness regarding global ascension. This is not a matter of concern for her, as ultimately, she knows that she will ascend and trusts you for coming together in helping her lift her spirit for all eternity into the higher realms.
Time for her and us is not of the same scale. What we perceive as years, she perceives as days.
We, of the Inner Earth, are also not as concerned as you are with matters as time. For ascended beings, all eternity is ahead of us to explore, therefore, the slower a procedure, the better it is understood. There are very little time restraints down here.
As ascended beings, we have access to much knowledge and power. This must never be abused and great responsibility goes hand in hand with wisdom, patience, love and balance.
We feel also your own desire to realize this deeper and permanent connection with us all and with our Mother. We are all one made of one kind. No matter what planet you have been raised, you will always be part of the great oneness of the universe. The same spirit dwells dormant at times, in us all.
Keep the connection to your own body and to our Great Mother alive, and you will have tangible proof of our existence.
What surface humans can only perceive with their third eye, is the reality in which we live.
The door to the higher spheres of existence is always open, and it takes great courage and suffering to be allowed walking through these doors.
Those unable to understand the greater picture will keep this door closed, knowingly or not. They will reject all that is not seemingly rational, or profitable to them.
Do not be worried by such beings, they will come too in time. For now, they are just a little too young spirits to have their eyes and third eye open.
They prefer clinging onto the lower energies of the 3D world, of the rational mind. Intuition has not been developed in them.
These beings will also find their path, once the circumstances for their awakening are favourable.
I send you much love and healing, to you my surface brethren and sisters.
I hope to hear from you also soon. Ulrika
Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean
Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title,  is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:   and

17:02:2013 -- Flourish and Spread your Wings

Flourish and Spread your Wings by Multidimensional Ocean

   Human life is like water: it runs, it is fluid, it is ever changing, it cannot be controlled. In our dimension, we often forget that we need to feed all the parts within us. The mind, the body and the feelings.

Very often we do too much of one think and neglect the others, depending on our life style. We may be an intellectual person, having the head always reading books or articles, and forgetting the world we live in. Forgetting the beings who share our world with us, forgetting to give our body the exercise it needs.
Or we may be working long hours in a repetitive job and forget to also educate our intellect from time to time.
We may be an emotional person, making a drama and an issue out of everything, forgetting about balance and harmony.
Feeding all our parts will help bring equilibrium into our life. Don’t forget that the parts in us that are the most starved suffer an intense pain. The pain we feel very often comes from this.
Use creativity, love, inspiration and fun every day.
Be the royal being you wish to be. We are not here to serve the corporate industry only, as the soulless mass media would have us believe.
We are here to flourish and spread our wings over this world and the possibilities human beings have at their disposal.
Shine, be free, be your own master, be happy and rejoice !
Love and have a great week all!
Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Thursday, February 14, 2013

14:02:2013 -- Ulrika

Ulrika from Agartha – Listen to us More often! – by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi folks!
I have received a call from Inner Earth tonight. I have decided to go ahead and type the heart to heart messages for all to read. I have had a strange ghostly visit in my room for the past week. This message has cleared up one or two things for me to say the least. Thanks for speaking up, dear Ulrika!
Message from Ulrika from Agartha
Greetings, I am Ulrika of Agartha. I come forward today to offer joy an abundance of love and happiness for our human’s soul brothers and sisters.
We know of your heart’s desire for reunion with your brothers and sisters from Inner Earth, and your desire also reflects our own desire. We feel strongly that we have been apart for far too long. The time when our worlds were one is so far and remote, that many among you and us no longer possess any memories of our lives together as one.
Believe me, dear brothers and sisters that our seclusion from the surface was not in agreement with all of us. However, in order to keep the peace among us, we have gone along with these isolation directives from you, our surface brothers and sisters.
Our world is so protected and sheltered from outsiders that we are now in a situation similar to a baby in the womb of its mother. Although our technology allows us to leave our inner domain, we rarely interact with the non-human galactic extra-terrestrial, we would rarely interact with other species at all in fact, if it were not for common divine directives in which we participate on regular basis. Those projects are, however, undertaken more or less by the same people, who have become in a way victim of their own openness to outsiders, if you follow me.
I wished to communicate with you now, however, as you will find me to be a strong personality, who rarely minces her words. I guess it is a case of resonance and empathy here.
The strong grip of my mind is not meant to be uncomfortable, dear one. You and I are one of a kind.
I am aware of your growing resistance to opening up your mind to this kind of communication, and in perfect honesty I could never blame you for it.
It is I who have been trying to make contact with you for over a week now, as you can see I am not the shy type of person.  I apologise for scaring you for a few nights, in your room while you are trying to go to sleep.  But I had little choice, as your mind is always engaged in various activities and you are rarely alone. I had to get your attention, and I am glad you finally lent me a ear. I will let you rest tonight, I promise, no more playing funny tricks on you, dear one.
I thank you for your attention (at last!) and I hope that I will no longer need to intrude in your room while you are trying to sleep in the future. Keep one ear open for us, down here always dear sister.
Much love, rest assured, that there is much hope for our reunion on the horizon, all will be revealed. Have patience for now just a little longer.
Channeled by Laura Multidimensional Ocean
Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title,  is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:   and



Free World

Sending much love and light to all lightworkers across the globe and the universe! We are nearing home everyday ladies and gents! Be sure of it. I believe we are beginning to see the effects of our work coming into the light.

I look forward to live in a world full of love, where no fear will ever be experienced, where we will all be completely free.

Free from bankers, greedy people, and war! Free to live on our planet without having to pay for our food, for the roof over our head, for studying arts, crafts, poetry or pursuing our passions and interests.

Free from the exploitation and enslavements in offices to pay for morgtages and our survival!

Free to spend our days with like minded loved friends, and family! Be with our anumals, look after our garden and building the Terra Nova ♥ :)


Love and Joy by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody!
I have received a short message from Source/ Higher Self yesterday evening. Messages clearly said:
“Fill in your lungs with air, with all the atoms, particles and molecules of this world. Let them penetrate your being, let them penetrate your soul. Allow them to increase your presence here, things look much, much clearer when looking from above.
Allow your body to be filled with the energy of higher love. Let your presence expand and have volume in this 3D world. Allow the higher bodies and 5th dimensional elements to permeate through the illusion of 3D, the illusion of separateness, of loneliness, of fear.
Let the divine light guide your life and your soul through these challenging times.”
I have to say that after this experience, I feel myself to be in a much better place, within, now. All seems to come into place since, even while I have been sleeping.
Pure Magic!
Love and light
Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dream Big with no Frontiers - 07:02:2013


Dream big and think large as the times ahead are a reflection of our soul’s desires.
The creations coming from your heart have the ability to spread at the speed of light.
Go within and seek peace, healing, joy and create your own abundance.
Humans are powerful beings; the issue is that this has been kept a secret from them.
Radiate your inner joy, peace and love over the world now.
You will truly make a difference.
Remain grounded, and keep your spirit high.
Never allow yourself to believe  someone else telling you what you can or cannot achieve in this life.
Our power is limitless!
Hugs and Love
Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

05:02:2013 -- Avoid Dramas ...


From Laura: I have received this short message today. I am not sure of its origin ( Higher Consciousness I would say), but I thought I would share with you all anyway. I hope it helps. Thanks you for reading it.

In these days we would like to remind everybody to remain calm in all circumstances
Emotions run high on your planet right now.
What is to come will intensify those emotions of uneasiness and fear.
Many of you react by shutting off the sensitive and sensible part of you under those circumstances.
It is vital for all to practise remaining grounded and balanced in the times ahead.
Fear, imbalance, high emotions, strong reactions and violence can escalate very rapidly in such times as we find ourselves in now.
This extended period of times will continue for some months.
This is a much needed process of shedding the unnecessary fear and negativity.
Purity, courage, patience, compassion and kindness will lead you to the gates of New Earth.
The times of reckoning are upon us, be prepared dear friends. Be patient, be kind, be love. Love and gratitude will always come victorious in the end. Remember this at all times.

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean



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