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Thursday, February 21, 2013

17:02:2013 -- Flourish and Spread your Wings

Flourish and Spread your Wings by Multidimensional Ocean

   Human life is like water: it runs, it is fluid, it is ever changing, it cannot be controlled. In our dimension, we often forget that we need to feed all the parts within us. The mind, the body and the feelings.

Very often we do too much of one think and neglect the others, depending on our life style. We may be an intellectual person, having the head always reading books or articles, and forgetting the world we live in. Forgetting the beings who share our world with us, forgetting to give our body the exercise it needs.
Or we may be working long hours in a repetitive job and forget to also educate our intellect from time to time.
We may be an emotional person, making a drama and an issue out of everything, forgetting about balance and harmony.
Feeding all our parts will help bring equilibrium into our life. Don’t forget that the parts in us that are the most starved suffer an intense pain. The pain we feel very often comes from this.
Use creativity, love, inspiration and fun every day.
Be the royal being you wish to be. We are not here to serve the corporate industry only, as the soulless mass media would have us believe.
We are here to flourish and spread our wings over this world and the possibilities human beings have at their disposal.
Shine, be free, be your own master, be happy and rejoice !
Love and have a great week all!
Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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