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Sunday, March 10, 2013

06:03:2013 - Ulrika update

Ulrika Update by Multidimensional Ocean – 06 March 2013

Greetings from Agartha, this is Ulrika. I am back once again to give you a short update on the on-going events of late.
I have been busy, as has our dear Laura been in fact. I was working on a new project concerning a brotherhood with your own kind. As you can guess, this is no small matter for us all at this time.

We truly look forward to a renewed bond with our brothers and sisters from the surface. Although some of your brothers have been busy building an underground shelter inside Mother Earth for quite some time now, we have to tell you that we have not been in contact with them at all.
We have been monitoring their progress as well as their behaviour, and we were not impressed to say the least.
However Mother Earth loves all her children and understands the desire some of your elite feel for building a secure place for days to come, in case something serious would happen on the surface.
There is much fear inside those I have been talking about. Much fear in their heart and anguish. Not many good comes out of their hands and minds.
The technology they use is of great power and very advanced in comparison to many of those living on the surface. But much imbalance in their mind and heart, which makes them rather dangerous.
Many dark thoughts and fears are upon them, and they also fear your anger and your wrath towards them, I am sure you will understand why this is so.
Little planning for the common good, much selfishness and harsh actions among themselves. More, I cannot say on this, I fear, for now at least.
My tongue will soon be untied even more, but for now, I must abide by the Agartha house rule still. Longing for peace and reunions, many of us are.
We thank many of you for your precious thoughs and kindness of heart. Those of you reading these messages have very kind and genuine hearts. Those of you reading these words will always be welcome among us, in our hearts, and in person any time that you wish it to be with us.
Demands and impatience is not for you dear souls. You are of the race of Gods, and as such you will for ever be the God’s equals.
We send our kind thoughts and respect to you all dear surface brothers of ours.
Ulrika of Agartha.
Channel:  Laura Multidimensional Ocean
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