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Thursday, January 31, 2013

31:01:2013 -- Silent Times – Letters from Captain Bashir

Silent Times – Letters from Captain Bashir 31 Jan 2013.

Silent times are for recollections and for grounding ourselves.
Our lives in the higher spheres of existence are somewhat similar to yours. We have families; we care for them and our friends. Although we have a greater understanding of the greater picture and our technology is more advanced, we are not that different at all.  
Although we have the seemingly amazing ability to foresee the future to some extent, events are not always going as we expected. Other times we have to bear the consequences of knowing where situations will lead to, without being able to or permitted to intervene. Such is the case for planet Earth and all the life forms that she cares for. We can often do little more other than observing, praying and sending love to all the lives upon her.
Another such a situation is the relocation of entire civilisations affected by the supernova coming event, affecting our Galaxy. Our galaxy nurtured life for hundreds of thousands of species and civilisations, which must all bid farewell to their home worlds, to their suns, skies, land, oceans. All their ancestors’ work will be left behind. Such is the evolution of the cosmos, and our galaxy undergoing dramatic events is the next step of evolution for her.
We have the power of creating large planet size habitat for our species, with enormous resources, bringing with us all the variety of life. The ships/ planets go on to move around in the universe, while others prefer to settle on a new planet.
Such planets are not commonly found, but are not impossible to find. Most of the time, we must help the process of terra forming, with the new adopted home planet’s consent. Once such a planet has been identified and consent by her was given to welcome new settlers, we become an active and integrated part of that planet’s path. Like all planets welcoming intelligent life, we are in constant communion with her, we feel her emotions, we hear her pulse, her breath, and her inner movements.  In turn, she nurtures our people, welcomes our bodies, feeds us, and loves us as her children.
However, if an intelligent life already occupies a planet, we never consider such a planet as a potential new home. We can also create a new planet if needed, the technology is very well known to us. The energy requirements for such projects are huge; however, our home  galaxy will supply the required energy thanks to the supernova event, which will also supply the energy needed for all our needs for our new settlements.
We are undergoing many critical changes now in our own galaxy; however these changes are also protruding into your own home galaxy, the effects of what is taking place in our home galaxy, will no doubt affect the entire Universe in time, in waves.
Aurora has been in use for temporary relocation of souls during these difficult unsettling times for us. She will be back with you all as soon as our main relocation duties are well underway.
We look forward to our working together once more in the coming months, we will give short updates on our progress as often as time allows. Till this time is above us, we bid you farewell.
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

Thursday, January 24, 2013

24:01:2013 - SaLuSa on the Journey within and Ascension

SaLuSa on the Journey within and Ascension 24 Jan 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean


The lightworkers’ light is put through tremendous amount of stress in these end game times. Many of you may struggle now in order to find again that spark of light within your self.
We recommend that in order to overcome these troubled times, you focus your energies on your own life, on your own needs more than ever. Be the hero of your own life, be the light bearer that you need to be in your life right now. Be the saviour that you would like to rescue you. For in truth, you can only rescue your self. No body else can save you or rescue you, as so many newcomers to our messages hope to see happening.
We have been telling you about the critical mass needed in order to carry you all, along with Mother Earth, in the higher dimensions permanently. For those of you who patiently have been waiting for this to happen, wishing that others will do the hard, and dirty work for them, we would like to say to you: “Please get personally involved in your own ascension process. Do not wait till others achieve 5D, get actively involved into your own Ascension. This will not only guarantee your own Ascension, but will bring tremendous help to the energies required in order to move on from 3D for those around you and for Mother Earth as well. The new vibrations generated while an individual strives and seeks self betterment are contributing to spreading the love and light needed now more than ever before.”
It is the Journey and the Search in itself that matters dear friends, a lot more than the end results. We are aware of the resistance such thoughts and words meet within the majority of your communities. As many of you still hold false hopes, received ideas about what Ascension is, and how it should take place. Many of you are failing to see that what was said in the past was said in particular circumstances, to particular audiences, for particular times and purposes. Be in the Here and Now, and you will understand your own needs for the here and now. Leave in the past what was needed in the past, and look within yourself now, in order to learn what is needed now.
Like many students reading their exams results on the panels, where their grades are marked, you are looking out for the results. Ascension is the end result, the reward at the end of the long study period. However, the learning, the research, the techniques, the passion and discoveries made during the hard work done studying and struggling is in itself what will remain with your being for eternity. This is where you truly learn, and as far as Ascension is concerned, this is when you are doing the painstaking work, where your own desire to understand and grow is at its peak.
Ascension is just a graduation, in many ways similar to what students as our scribe here are going through. Conscious suffering is what is needed in order to ascend beyond the illusions laid before your eyes.
The mass media and internet are spreading much messages of fear and journalists want to have to best story to sell, the scoop, the sensational news, adding to the news much of what they feel people would be read by the great numbers. There is no impartiality, no relating events as they took place, all is coloured by the editors agendas. Do not spend much time with your mind tangled in this web of dramas and fear building up agenda. Look at the media like you would watch a soap opera on TV. Learning to step back from all 3D self inflicted people’s dramas is also part of the Ascension process.
As was emphasised before, there are many of you who have been living in 5D as well as in 3D since their very moment of birth. All of you, who are star seeds, and have been first created on other worlds, are living simultaneously in 5D or even higher dimensions, as well as in 3D.
We strongly emphasis the need for you to learn to interact with your own Higher Self, and allow this higher, all knowing part of you to lead the way as far as your life mission here on Earth is concerned.
As we have said in the first part of this message, it is the searching, the journey itself that matters the most. The end results have always been yours. Remember the reason why you came on Earth, and by this I do mean Remember yourself, by yourself, for yourself. I do not mean read it in a channeled message, or in a youtube video, or in an article. This anybody can do with great ease.
What I mean is remember from your soul, remember with your heart, let your Higher Self tell you your own story, your own movie, read from the book in which you are the hero. I mean connect within and listen to the silent voice from within. Listen to no words; listen to what Is you through all dimensions, down to this life. I mean discover what Ascension means for you, for your self, before aiming for big aims such as Global Ascension. I say this, because as above, as below. The Universe within yourself remains to be explored and discovered by the vast majority of you yet.
I wish you a wonderful discovery journey, a journey of self discovery, a journey of joy, light, love and consciousness.
Thank you, SaLuSa from Sirius.



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