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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SaLuSa – Inner Light and other Matters – 13 Aug 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

SaLuSa – Inner Light and other Matters – 13 Aug 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

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Light continues to shine upon your world, dear ones. Your efforts and strong determination help Gaia tremendously. You are role models in many ways for those on your planet who do not feel any connection to Source and to Divine Love. You are acting as wayshowers for many people at the moment and many turn to you for help and advice, and many more will turn to you for guidance in the coming months, as the cabal run matrix implodes of them a little more every single day.
There is no fear to be found in your heart, and this is seen by the many, even if only at an subconscious level. Your being present on the planet at the present time, gives them courage, and joy. You are bringing much light on the surface of your planet, light that many benefit from, as well as Lady Gaia herself, dear ones.
Indeed she needs your support and help perhaps more than ever now and in the near future, as the situation for her deteriorates by the day, under the destructive influence of the cabal. The cabal has never cared for Gaia, have never acknowledged her existence as a sentient being, as they also do not acknowledge animal presence, and indeed your own presence on the planet as being an influential one. The cabal does not care for life, it does not care for justice, and love. The cabal only cares about possessions, and power. We have been negotiating with the cabal emissaries for the release of Gaia from cabal agendas and influence, however, as you know it is very difficult to deal with them.
We are glad to announce that the time that has been allocated to talking and negotiations is about to come to an abrupt end, under the current circumstances. We are indeed currently strongly concerned with the on-going situation in Fukushima, because the consequences for Mother Earth and for life on the planet are already very alarming.  The level of technology to deal with such a dangerous and damaging situation for Mother Earth does not belong with human population of the planet Earth.
Even the cabal does not have the technology to deal with such an on-going disaster to be honest. The cabal do not care for this planet as you know, and they have no plans for repairing the damage that has been done in that area, unfortunately. They are creating havoc and fear across the planet, so that in turn their hands are untied, while the attention is focused on the environment.
The current centre of interest of the cabal at the moment concerns banking as well as covering up the revelations made by private Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. These three men have it in their destiny to shed the light on the secret activities of the cabal, and to make them public. They deserve all the support and affection that they can get at the present moment. They have been dealing with huge amount of pressure from the cabal for years, and have accepted to put their own life on hold and at risk for the greater good of the collective.
We foresee that in the coming months, the situation will develop in the favour of the human’s collective power for the greater good, for independence and freedom. However, there is still a long way to go, to use an Earth expression. We encourage you to keep faith in the forces of the Divine, in their help, and in asking for personal help and protection as long as you feel the need for it.
There are many angelic guides available to you, by your own request alone. Feel free to appeal upon them, to connect with them, and to feel their continuous love and presence all around you. We encourage you, as usual, to pursue a path towards the spirit within, to join forces with those of you who have much in common, to come together in the physical world and meditate, and share your own spiritual experiences, to open to others and respect and love one another, like the true brothers and sisters that you truly are.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I too am available at a call’s notice for any of you. You can all include me in your thoughts, in your prayers and in your world. You will feel a connection with me, should you be sensitive enough for this experience. However, first and most, we encourage you to be in contact with your own divinity, with your own inner God and with your own Light, the light that all of you carry inside of you, to a more or lesser extent.
Thank you, SaLuSa.
Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

English - SaLuSa on Shifting Solar Energies – 7 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

SaLuSa on Shifting Solar Energies – 7 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

The Energies are affecting you in a very positive way at the moment. We are always enjoying your planet blooming with people’s increasing awareness and joy. The extra sunshine is a spectacular event for us to watch, as the Sun is undergoing its natural cycle of polarity reversal, which is nothing to be nervous about at all, as it is a very regular event.

Around this time, there are extra radiations being emitted from the Sun, preparing for its polarity reversal. This energy is being dispersed over the planet in an even manner, and envelops the planet in a gentle soft blanket of light. Many of you are feeling its effect, and are feeling the effect of the magnetism changing direction, which can happen in the next 2 to 3 months according to the current readings.

This can also lead to headaches for some of you, migraines, sinuses being over sensitive, and a general tension around your own head and brain activity. This will be increasing as we are approaching the moment of magnetic polarity reversal. The Sun will not physically move, only its polarity will be reversed. There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about, as this is a very regular event taking place every ten to twelve years ordinarily.

With the abundance of solar extra energy, those of you who are not able to process the extra energy may find themselves overly active and nervous. As a matter of fact, many of you can see the effects of such an activity on the warfare dynamic on your planet and the increase of tension.

The world scene is preoccupied with mundane affairs and your media is, as usual distracting you from any news information worthy of reporting. Such as the corruption infestation your banking world and the political arena. If you look deeper into these events, you will be able to understand a lot more about the cabal’s frame of mind and how they can pull the strings over entire populations and countries by keeping you misinformed, dis informed, and reporting petty news, which is of no real importance. We encourage you to use independent websites and blogs, and to recommend these on your own media system to friends.

The spiritual hierarchy and Jesus are focusing much light in the areas of war, and poverty. Those areas receive extra-help from the higher realms, and support on the emotional and spiritual level. We wish that our voices be heard and understood, when you can barely hear us in-between 2 thoughts, emotions, or activities. Do not dismiss that little voice in your head, which most of the time translates as intuition. Do take a few minutes throughout your day to gather your own thoughts and energy into your body and you will feel connected to the higher realms.

We also communicate with you when your subconscious travels to meet us in the stars so to speak, and onto our spaceships. You may wake up in the morning with fresh ideas, fresh news and feeling relieved about issues and worries that you had before going to sleep.

At this time of the year, we are allowed coming a lot closer to your planet and decloak, as with the solar magnetism reversal many of you also experience an inner opening, and welcome us truly with their heart. We welcome such opportunities and welcome feeling your interest in us, and respond by decloaking more often so that it becomes easier for you to see our ships.

The speed of events are also accelerating for you, time is literally speeding up, and there is little time left for you to do all the things you intended to do. Your life on Earth is a bright event, a shining experience of truth and bravery. We admire your work for the light and the collective consciousness.

As always we encourage your efforts for the light and spreading love all around you. The love that you feel, and that you spread is beaming up in the outer sphere of your planet. Every step that you take upon Mother Earth with consciousness and love, provokes a string of light around you, and attracts many ascended angels and beings in your path.

Make extra efforts at this time in treating those around you with extra love and care, this is a time where souls are extra-perceptive and sensitive. All that you feel think and do will impact them at a subconscious level more than in the ordinary.

We recommend that you pay particular attention to the way you perform your daily duties, and the way you deal with so called routine and with the instinctive and automatic actions of your body, such as walking, breathing, eating and doing what it is that you are doing moment by moment. Stay with your sensation, remain in the open awareness mode, don’t shut yourself to the world around you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am glad to remind you that although at times, you may feel cut off from the rest of the Universe, from other dimensions and from your loved ones by distance, in truth you are always connected and can visit them just by thought, which in turn will carry your astral body to that place and that person.

We love you very much, in love and light. SaLuSa from Sirius

Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean





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